Financial Seminar Series

Financial Seminar Series

Educational Financial Workshops Tailored forthe Medical Community

We offer a beginning core of two workshops with practical tips and valuable insights. Additional customized topics available upon request.

People don't plan to fail they simply fail to plan. - Alan Lakein

Saving and Investing: 20/20

In this practical workshop, participants will learn

  • How to effectively set personal financial goals and how to work toward those goals.

  • Discover effective techniques for managing the balance between risks and return.

  • Identify personal needs for retirement savings, using a mathematical model that calculates how much total savings needs to be in place with existing pension plan benefits, and 401k contributions helps to achieve their retirement goals.

Tax Favored Investing

This powerful workshop content keeps in mind the saying, “It's not what you make but what you keep that's important.” With this thought in mind

  • We review what drives tax rates and the future implications of possible tax increases to the financial plan.

  • How is your money being taxed today, and how will it be taxed in the future?

  • Proper diversification, which includes asset allocation, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, and tax liability will be discussed.

  • Several models for structuring financial portfolios will be introduced, as well as effective ideas for immediate tax reduction.

We do not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor regarding your particular situation.