About Our Financial Educational Workshops

About our Financial Educational Workshops

Are you or your employees less focused on work and more worried about their financial situations?

The American Psychological Association's Stress in America 2012 Survey1 shows that the top source of stress for Americans is money. Suggestions for relief? Identify financial stressors, make a plan, and seek professional support.

What is the goal of our informational workshops?

Our proven financial seminars are designed to provide a solid understanding of a wide range of financial topics so that physicians and medical professionals are better equipped to address their personal financial challenges. Real financial issues are discussed and solutions are presented in a framework that often motivates individuals to act on their financial matters.

Will my physicians and employees be subjected to a “sales pitch”?

Absolutely not! Our workshops are strictly informational and no specific products will be recommended.

A Win-Win-Win Proposition

No cost to provide financial seminars

  • Increase employees' understanding of their financial situation

  • Less financial stress usually equates to a more harmonious work environment

  • Lunch provided

Attendees Win

  • Convenience; seminars scheduled onsite

  • Learn in a positive, low-key group environment

  • Access to quality information from reputable source

  • Complimentary personal financial consultation offered

We Win

  • Increased clientele and exposure with an important client group

1 American Psychological Association's 2012 Stress in America Survey